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Congratulations to Michael Guerzoni, our 3rd PhD student, on being awarded a poster prize at the DYME meeting in August.

Congratulations to 3rd year PhD student Nusaybah Alotaibi for winning a poster prize at the Cardiff Chemistry Conference in May.

The Melen group are excited to be in their brand new research facility at the TRH in Cardiff. A brand new purpose built research facility for catalysis within Cardiff!

Professor R. L. Melen

Cardiff Catalysis Institute
​Translational Research Hub
Maindy Road, Cathays
Cardiff, CF24 4HQ

Tel: +44 (0)29 20879667
Recent publication:

Melen Research Group, Spring 2023

Alotaibi, N., Babaahmadi, R., Pramanik, M., Kaehler, T., Dasgupta, A., Richards, E., Ariafard, A., Wirth, T., Melen,* R. L. "B(3,4,5-F3H2C6)3 Lewis acid-catalysed C3-allylation of indoles" Dalton Trans., 2023, 52, 5039–5043.​