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Advancing Main Group Chemistry
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Lecture Courses:

CH3402 Frontiers in Ligand Design and Coordination Chemistry:
                   Small molecule activation and catalysis using main group elements
               Main group multiple bonds
               Frustrated Lewis Pairs
               Lewis acid catalysis

CH3201  Reactivity and Properties of the Elements and their               Compounds
                Chemistry of inorganic rings, chains, polymers and networks
                Pi-bonding in the main group compounds
                The role of d-orbitals in bonding in main group compounds
                periodic trends in reactivity and structure within the p-block
                Main group multiple bonds

CHT401 Recent Advances in Homogeneous Coordination Chemistry
                This course is focused on Ligand design and coordination chemistry                 of the main group elements and their applications in homogenous                 catalysis. This course is aimed at the Masters level covering the 
                most recent literature results.

CH3102 Foundations of Inorganic Chemistry
                In this module simple models of bonding in small molecules and                 complexes are introduced and discussed in terms of the influence of                 bonding on structure. The background to the periodic table, its                 structure, and its use in the analysis of trends in elemental                 properties are reviewed. 

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